Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Plant based Day 1

    Yesterday I started my 30 Day Plant Based Challenge. As I pointed out in the rules you don't have to follow the days strictly by the calendar, unless of course sticking strictly to the calendar helps you stick with the plan. So, anyways, I started the challenge yesterday by only eating bananas and peaches. I was only going to eat only bananas but I had to save some peaches from bugs and other critters. Animals were starting to eat the peaches on my tree, so I picked the peaches and ate them before the animals had a chance. I also picked up some peaches at Whole Foods.
    I ate a total of 9 bananas and 8 peaches over the course of the day. Here is the results from MyFitnessPal:

Click on picture to enlarge it.

    I stuffed myself with bananas and peaches and still only ate 1,249 calories. I normally wouldn't recommend this low of calories for myself. As you can see on the chart I had set a goal of 1,600 calories but I just couldn't stuff myself any more.
    I took my BGL three times yesterday. My morning fasted BGL was 87 mg/dL. After breakfast it was 93 mg/dL. Then I took it before bedtime and it was 112 mg/dL. For those of you that are new to my program, I'm not diabetic but I track my levels when I do experiments so that I have the data.
    So how many calories did I expend yesterday? I'm glad you asked. Because I got a Polar Loop for Father's Day. The Polar Loop is a piece of wearable technology that allows you to track activity, steps, and calories. It will also link up with a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) to allow you to track your heart rate. I got a Polar H7 HRM for Father's Day also. Yay me!
    My Polar Loop said I expended 2,629 calories yesterday. This is about my normal expenditure. It is usually somewhere around 2,400 calories. So I consumed 1,400 calories less than I expended yesterday. But, the scales show an even bigger difference.  A pound of fat contains around 3,650 calories. Tuesday morning I weighed 174 lbs. This morning I weighed 168.5 lbs. That is a lot of water weight, huh? The Loop says I was active for 6 hours and 53 minutes yesterday.

   Today I taught two class and ran before I ate my first meal. I ran 6.32 miles in 58:19 minutes, which is about a 9.25 minutes per miles.

So it wasn't too bad of a run for someone who consumed 1,400 calories less than he burned the day before. Running in a fasted state.
    I'll be posting my diet and exercise over the next 30 days. I might even take a picture or two. But here is the thing. I know that I'm going to be eating at least 2 or 3 meals per week that will not adhere to the program. I know that. I'm planning on it. But over the course of the week I will have at least 30 feedings, 28 at the very least. That is 4 feedings per day for 7 days. I aim for 80% compliance. So I know I'm going off the plan for a couple of meals. I'm not perfect and don't intend to be. Plus I can't afford to lose much more weight.
    I'm having black beans and tortillas today. Be sure to check back tomorrow and see what special tortillas I'm eating. See how many calories of beans and tortillas I can stuff down. See how many calories I burn and what my BGL are.

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