Sunday, June 29, 2014

Day19 of plant-based challenge

     Saturday I moved around a lot but again didn't really exercise much. I taught two classes and I did a little bit of exercising at the house, mostly pull-ups and monkey bars.

    I was active for 8 hours and 43 minutes yesterday. I only logged in 13342 steps though. I was estimated to have burned 2,791 calories. I had 0 inactive warnings. My Loop says I slept a little over 6 hours, but only 76% was restful.

    I ate about 2,000 calories yesterday. The problem with having healthy junk food around is that it pushes real healthy food like vegetables and fruits out. I found myself eating the chips instead of making a salad.

   This morning I weighed 169.5lbs. That is up another pound. Too much Kamora and almond milk. Too many healthy chips. All plant-based but not the healthiest choices.

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