Saturday, December 10, 2011

Why people are addicted to processed foods.

Just in case you miss this piece, its about the food and flavor industry.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Paleo beats MS

I saw this video from a link on the Hunt, Gather, Love blog and I thought it was great.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mark Sisson's new book.

If you haven't heard yet, Mark Sisson has released a new book

Here's a link to all the information:

21 Day Transformation

Monday, October 17, 2011

new job

I started a new job about 3 weeks ago. I'm still living the Primal life, just working a lot of hours.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Food Porn and update.

I'm working as a machinist for a temp agency now. I'm working a lot of hours. Tanya fixed an awesome recipe from the new Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook. Pork Loin PBJ.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Body by Science added

After watching Dr. Doug McGuff, MD's presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium, I watched some of his videos on Youtube. I really like his program. I like it so much I also bought his book. I've added his blog to my Primal Fitness Page.

Wheat is death!

Dr. William Davis, MD. new book is out. "Wheat Belly". You can check out his blog. He is on Robb Wolf's Podcast this week. Paleo Solution 95.

I think we will be hearing and seeing more of Dr.Davis in the news. Don't miss him on Paleo Solution podcast 95.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Plans have changed

I'm currently unemployed. I was going to go back to school, but the federal program was not going to work out. So I'm back to looking for a job.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The end is near...

For summer that is. I have a few changes coming up in my life and I'll be posting about those soon. I missed out on the Ancestral Health Symposium. But there has been a lot of bloggers posting their experience and I have enjoyed reading them. They have started posting the videos from the event on Vimeo. I can't wait to start watching all of them. In the meantime, Grok ON!!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer time!

Its been nearly a month since I posted. I love summer time! I love being outside, so I'm not on the computer much. I've been mountain biking and working around the house. There are plenty of Primal blogs to follow so click on the links. My weight has stayed the same over the last month. I bounce between 165 and 170 lbs. The weekends are when I gain the weight. I usually have one or two meals out and I have beer or a margarita. Oh, and playing with Zeus. He is standing beside me right now wanting me to get off the computer and play.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The end of 8 weeks

Well my 8 weeks is up. I managed to get to 165lbs and 35.5" waist. I'm going to keep going slow until I get my waist measurement down where I want it. This picture sucks, but Zeus looks funny.

                                                       I didn't get Mark Sission lean yet.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dr. Cordain's response to the US news report

I have copied and pasted this from Robb Wolf's site:

So…I’ve received a ton of emails, FB pings and twitter inquiries about the recent US News piece that ranked Paleo dead last in a list that included SlimFast, MediFast and Weight Watchers as contenders in this Diet Battle Royale. The whole thing is as sad as it is funny, but the most important feature to all of this is the “experts” consulted for this piece did not address the science.
At all.
I’m still working on the Kidney piece, but Prof. Cordain has put together a great response. More are in the works and we are working to have an opportunity for an official rebuttal or debate with the “experts” on that piece. The “why” behind this piece is pretty obvious: with no governmental support, no reality show, no acceptance amongst most departments of Nutritional ”Science” the Paleo concept is exploding.
Please copy Prof. Cordain’s response to your blog, tweet it and Facebook it.

Hi Doc,
I’m not sure if you’ve seen this or not, but US News ranked Paleo last of 20 diets claiming a lack of scientific evidence and no-long term weight maintenance guidelines. I’m not sure if you’d be interested in defending it or not, but if you’d be willing to provide specific refutations of their claims, I’d like to write a response piece for the Colorado State University Collegian to run next Wednesday, my deadline is Saturday.
June 8, 2011

Hi Seth,

Good to hear from you and many thanks for your continued support of the Paleo Diet.  I hadn’t seen this piece, but I appreciate that you have brought it to my attention.  It is obvious that whoever wrote this piece did not do their homework and has not read the peer review scientific papers which have examined contemporary diets based upon the Paleolithic food groups which shaped the genomes of our ancestors.  Accordingly the writer’s conclusions are erroneous and misleading.  I feel strongly that it is necessary to point out these errors and make this information known to a much wider audience than those reached by the readers of the U.S. News and World Report.  You have my permission to syndicate my response and or your write up for the CSU Collegian to any of the major news services including AP and UPI.  Additionally, I will copy a number of colleagues and scientists worldwide with this message to ensure that it will be widely circulated on the web, blogs and chat groups.
The writer of this article suggests that the Paleo Diet has only been scientifically tested in “one tiny study”.  This quote is incorrect as five studies (1-7); four since 2007, have experimentally tested contemporary versions of ancestral human diets and have found them to be superior to Mediterranean diets, diabetic diets and typical western diets in regards to weight loss, cardiovascular disease risk factors and risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
The first study to experimentally test diets devoid of grains, dairy and processed foods was performed by Dr. Kerin O’Dea at the University of Melbourne and published in the Journal, Diabetes in 1984 (6).  In this study Dr. O’Dea gathered together 10 middle aged Australian Aborigines who had been born in the “Outback”.  They had lived their early days primarily as hunter gatherers until they had no choice but to finally settle into a rural community with access to western goods.  Predictably, all ten subjects eventually became overweight and developed type 2 diabetes as they adopted western sedentary lifestyles in the community of Mowwanjum in the northern Kimberley region of Western Australia.  However, inherent in their upbringing was the knowledge to live and survive in this seemingly desolate land without any of the trappings of the modern world.
Dr. O’Dea requested these 10 middle aged subjects to revert to their former lives as hunter gatherers for a seven week period.  All agreed and traveled back into the isolated land from which they originated.  Their daily sustenance came only from native foods that could be foraged, hunted or gathered.  Instead of white bread, corn, sugar, powdered milk and canned foods, they began to eat the traditional fresh foods of their ancestral past: kangaroos, birds, crocodiles, turtles, shellfish, yams, figs, yabbies (freshwater crayfish), freshwater bream and bush honey.   At the experiment’s conclusion, the results were spectacular, but not altogether unexpected given what known about Paleo diets, even then.  The average weight loss in the group was 16.5 lbs; blood cholesterol dropped by 12 % and triglycerides were reduced by a whopping 72 %.  Insulin and glucose metabolism became normal, and their diabetes effectively disappeared.
The first recent study to experimentally test contemporary Paleo diets was published in 2007 (5). Dr. Lindeberg and associates placed 29 patients with type 2 diabetes and heart disease on either a Paleo diet or a Mediterranean diet based upon whole grains, low-fat dairy products, vegetables, fruits, fish, oils, and margarines.  Note that the Paleo diet excludes grains, dairy products and margarines while encouraging greater consumption of meat and fish.  After 12 weeks on either diet blood glucose tolerance (a risk factor for heart disease) improved in both groups, but was better in the Paleo dieters.  In a  2010 follow-up publication, of this same experiment the Paleo diet was shown to be more satiating on a calorie by calorie basis than the Mediterranean diet because it caused greater changes in leptin, a hormone which regulates appetite and body weight.
In the second modern study (2008) of Paleo Diets, Dr. Osterdahl and co-workers (7) put 14 healthy subjects on a Paleo diet.  After only three weeks the subjects lost weight, reduced their waist size and experienced significant reductions in blood pressure, and plasminogen activator inhibitor (a substance in blood which promotes clotting and accelerates artery clogging).  Because no control group was employed in this study, some scientists would argue that the beneficial changes might not necessarily be due to the Paleo diet.  However, a better controlled more recent experiments showed similar results.
In 2009, Dr. Frasetto and co-workers (1) put nine inactive subjects on a Paleo diet for just 10 days.  In this experiment, the Paleo diet was exactly matched in calories with the subjects’ usual diet.  Anytime people eat diets that are calorically reduced, no matter what foods are involved, they exhibit beneficial health effects.  So the beauty of this experiment was that any therapeutic changes in the subjects’ health could not be credited to reductions in calories, but rather to changes in the types of food eaten.  While on the Paleo diet either eight or all nine participants  experienced improvements in blood pressure, arterial function, insulin, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  What is striking about this experiment is how rapidly so many markers of health improved, and that they occurred in every single patient.
In an even more convincing recent (2009) experiment, Dr. Lindeberg and colleagues (2) compared the effects of a Paleo diet to a diabetes diet generally recommended for patients with type 2 diabetes.  The diabetes diet was intended to reduce total fat by increasing whole grain bread and cereals, low fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables while restricting animal foods.   In contrast, the Paleo diet was lower in cereals, dairy products, potatoes, beans, and bakery foods but higher in fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs compared to the diabetes diet.  The strength of this experiment was its cross over design in which all 13 diabetes patients first ate one diet for three months and then crossed over and ate the other diet for three months.  Compared to the diabetes diet, the Paleo diet resulted in improved weight loss, waist size, blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose and hemoglobin A1c (a marker for long term blood glucose control).    This experiment represents the most powerful example to date of the Paleo diet’s effectiveness in treating people with serious health problems.
So, now that I have summarized the experimental evidence supporting the health and weight loss benefits of Paleo Diets, I would like to directly respond to the errors in the U.S. News and World Report article.

1.            “Will you lose weight? No way to tell.”
Obviously, the author of this article did not read either the study by O’Dea (6) or the more powerful three month crossover experiment by Jonsson and colleagues (9) which demonstrated the superior weight loss potential of high protein, low glycemic load Paleo diets.  Similar results of high protein, low glycemic load diets have recently been reported in the largest randomized controlled trials ever undertaken in both adults and children.
A 2010 randomized trial involving 773 subjects and published in the New England Journal of Medicine (8) confirmed that high protein, low glycemic index diets were the most effective strategy to keep weight off.   The same beneficial effects of high protein, low glycemic index diets were dramatically demonstrated in largest nutritional trial, The DiOGenes Study (9), ever conducted in a sample of 827 children. Children assigned to low protein, high glycemic diets became significantly fatter over the 6 month experiment, whereas those overweight and obese children assigned to the high protein, low glycemic nutritional plan lost significant weight.
2.            “Does it have cardiovascular benefits? Unknown.”
This comment shows just how uninformed this writer really is.  Clearly, this person hasn’t read the following papers (1 – 6) which unequivocally show the therapeutic effects of Paleo Diets upon cardiovascular risk factors.
And all that fat would worry most experts.”
This statement represents a “scare tactic” unsubstantiated by the data.  As I, and almost the entire nutritional community,  have previously pointed out, it is not the quantity of fat which increases the risk for cardiovascular disease or cancer, or any other health problem, but rather the quality.  Contemporary Paleo Diets contain high concentrations of healthful omega 3 fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids and long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids that actually reduce the risk for chronic disease (10-18).
3.            “Can it prevent or control diabetes? Unknown.”
Here is another example of irresponsible and biased journalism which doesn’t let the facts speak for themselves.  Obviously, the author did not read the study by O’dea (6) or Jonsson et al. (2) which showed dramatic improvements in type 2 diabetics consuming Paleo diets.

but most diabetes experts recommend a diet that includes whole grains and dairy products.
If the truth be known, in a randomized controlled trial, 24 8-y-old boys were asked to take 53 g of protein as milk or meat daily (19).  After only 7 days on the high milk diet, the boys became insulin resistant.  This is a condition that precedes the development of type 2 diabetes.  In contrast, In the meat-group, there was no increase in insulin and insulin resistance.  Further, in the Jonsson et al. study (2) milk and grain free diets were shown to have superior results in improving disease symptoms in type 2 diabetics.
4.            “Are there health risks? Possibly. By shunning dairy and grains, you’re at risk of missing out on a lot of nutrients.”
Once again, this statement shows the writer’s ignorance and blatant disregard for the facts.  Because contemporary ancestral diets exclude processed foods, dairy and grains, they are actually more nutrient (vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals) dense than government recommended diets such as the food pyramid.    I have pointed out these facts in a paper I published in the American Journal of Nutrition in 2005 (13) along with another paper in which I analyzed the nutrient content of modern day Paleo diets (12 ).  Most nutritionists are aware that processed foods made with refined grains, sugars and vegetable oils have low concentrations of vitamins and minerals, but few realized that dairy products and whole grains contain significantly lower concentrations of the 13 vitamins and minerals most lacking in the U.S. diet compared to lean meats, fish and fresh fruit and vegetables (12, 13).
Also, if you’re not careful about making lean meat choices, you’ll quickly ratchet up your risk for heart problems” .
Actually, the most recent comprehensive meta analyses do not show fresh meat consumption whether fat or lean to be a significant risk factor for cardiovascular disease (20-25), only processed meats such as salami, bologna, bacon and sausages (20).

1.            Frassetto LA, Schloetter M, Mietus-Synder M, Morris RC, Jr., Sebastian A: Metabolic and physiologic improvements from consuming a paleolithic, hunter-gatherer type diet. Eur J Clin Nutr 2009.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Links added

I added some more Primal sites to the favorites blog and Primal Fitness blog.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New shirt design

I have uploaded My Primal Plate design to Zazzle, didn't sell so I guess they deleted it.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My Primal Plate

The Food Plate is replacing the Food Pyramid. So I decided to take the Primal Blueprint Pyramid and convert it to a plate. I want to keep up with the times you know. So here it is...My Primal Plate.

Click on picture to zoom in.

Calorie counting, or how to piss people off.

Here's another answer I posted on the MDA forum.

I think of two different ways to count calories. The CW way of counting calories and the Primal way of counting calories. The big difference in the two ways is exercise. The CW way of counting calories is to use a formula to establish your caloric needs. You weigh and measure your food intake so you stay under your needs. You also do cardio to increase the number of calories you burn. But the problem is cardio increases your need for carbs. If you are doing very low carb your body will break down protein to make the carbs you need, especially bad if you are not consuming enough protein. This is the way we head off into metabolic derangement via the carb/cardio pathway. The Primal way of calorie counting is a little different. First We use the formula to get our caloric needs just like we did for the CW of calorie counting. We decide how fast we want to lose weight, like 1 lbs per week. We then consume that amount of calories. Such as, my caloric needs are 2,000 calories, I want to lose a lb a week which is 3,600 calories, or a 500 calorie a day deficet. So I eat 1,500 calories a day. I do not try to lose any calories through cardio activity. I focus instead on building muscle through lifting heavy things and sprinting. I also burn calories by doing low level activity, such as walking, cleaning the house, and work in general. I don't sit to do anything for very long. Building muscle and doing low level activities burns fat, not carbs.

Yes, for the maintaining weight you need 1 gram of protein per body weight, but for changing your body composition you will want to increase your protein consumption to something over that. If you are trying to lose fat and build muscle you need more like 1.5 grams per pound of lean body weigh, or 1 gram per pound of body weigh. It would look like this: I weigh 170 lbs. Let's say I have 12% body fat. So I have 20.4 lbs of fat and 149.6 lbs of lean mass. So I decide I want to maintain my weight of 170 lbs and I want my body fat to be at 8%. That would put me at 13.6 lbs of fat and 156.4 lbs of lean mass. I think I would need at a very minimum 157 grams of protein a day. I believe 170 grams would probably be better. It probably wouldn't hurt to eat 1.5 grams x 157 = 235.5 grams. The key to remember is this; Focus on changing your body composition through building muscle.
 Seems like people really get mad when you mention calorie counting and with good reason. CW calorie counting got them into metabolic derangement and now they not only can not loose weight, but they are gaining more weigh despite eating fewer calories. The only way out of the metabolic hell is the Primal Bluebprint/Paleo Diet. But people forgot about the exercise part of the program, or they focus too much on the food/diet aspect of the Blueprint. We don't reprogram our genes by diet alone. To reprogram our genes we need to follow the whole Primal Blueprint. Read or reread Mark Sission's guide to Primal Success.

Quick rundown of Mark Sission's Primal Blueprint:

1. Eat lots of animals, insects and plants.
2. Move around a lot at a slow pace.
3. Lift heavy things.
4. Run really fast every once in a while.
5. Get lots of sleep.
6. Play.
7. Get some sunlight every day.
8. Avoid trauma.
9. Avoid poisonous things.
10. Use your mind.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A better Dirty Weightloss Formula

Body Composition = BMR/RMR + TEF + TEA + SPA/NEAT + n=1 (your uniqueness)

You can increase your BMR/RMR by increasing your muscle mass through lifting heavy objects. You can increase the TEF by eating certain foods such as proteins and low carb vegetable matter. You can increase TEA by lifting heavy things, sprinting, and playing. You can increase SPA/NEAT by walking and increase the amount of time you engage in low activity motion. Damn, that sounds a lot like the Primal Blueprint. You can reset your genes and hormones (your uniqueness) to be healthy by following the Primal Blueprint. Now get out there and apply your new Primal Blueprint Formula. Grok On!

I wrote this as an answer to a question on the MDA Forum a few days ago. I liked it so much I thought I'd put it on my blog. If you are not familiar with what the letters in my formula mean I suggest checking out this blog. Actually you should go read this blog even if you do know what they mean. I think it is a very good article on body composition.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Laughable Marketing

I figured I had better post a blog or I might lose my 3 followers. Not much has changed as far as my diet and exercise. I'm holding off posting anything about my summer cut phase until my 8 weeks is up. But I will say that it is going well.

I read this blog today and it made me laugh. Amy Kubal MS, RD, LN  over at Fuel as RX posted a blog about the titles of some different processed foods and what is really in them. People following CW probably fall for this and think they are eating healthy foods.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday night food porn

I made a Mexican pot roast, guacamole and Primal Mexican Chips for supper today. The exercise for the day was mountain biking. We spent a little over 2 hours riding Turkey Mountain today.

                                                              In the pot and ready to cook.


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where the food and exercise blogs go?

I've been lazy and haven't posted my food and exercise for about 2 weeks. For the most part neither my food or exercise has changed much. I changed my feeding time up a bit. I've been eating 4 meals a day. I spread them out a minimum of 3 hours apart. I eat at 5:30am, sometime between 8:30am and 9:30am, somewhere between 12:30pm and 1:30pm, and then my last meal is sometime between 5:30pm and 8:30pm. I'm trying to eat only when hungry. Here's what I had yesterday.

2 slice of bacon
2 scrambled eggs
a slice of canalope

Mid-morning meal
macadamia nuts

mixed greens
mixed berries

red and yellow peppers

I've been busy rereading "The Primal Blueprint" and listening to "The Latest in Paleo" podcast. I've put "Good Calories, Bad Calories" aside until I finish rereading "The Primal Blueprint".

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My P.A.S.T seminar experience

P.A.S.T seminar in Prairie View, Kansas.

    I didn't have the vacation time or money to make it to PrimalCon this year, but I got lucky. Coach Micheal Rutherford of Bootcamp Fitness in Prairie View Kansas hosted a Primal Blueprint P.A.S.T Seminar at his gym. Prairie View is about a 4 hour drive from where I live in Oklahoma. Tanya and I drove up Friday evening and spent the night in Shawnee Mission. We ate at the Salty Iguana in Prairie View that night. They have several low carb items on their menu. They even have what they call a skinny margarita. Its a pretty cool restaurant they have four locations if you are ever in the Kansas City area. OK, enough about our vacation.

                                           BootCamp Fitness in Prairie View, Kansas

                                           Inside Bootcamp Fitness, seminar ready!

    So why go to a P.A.S.T seminar? Besides the facts that it is reasonably priced and might be closer to where you live. What is a P.A.S.T. seminar anyways? Isn't it for beginners? These are a few of the questions this blog post will try to answer from my point of view. Here's the product description from

Primal Accelerated Success Training (P.A.S.T.) is an entertaining and interactive 6-hour course that will immerse you into Mark Sisson’s wildly popular Primal lifestyle movement and best-selling book, The Primal Blueprint. By the end of your P.A.S.T experience, you’ll have a clear understanding of the key Primal Blueprint concepts, and develop a specific plan of action to “get Primal” over the ensuing 30 days and beyond. The course material stands alone for those who are relatively unacquainted with Primal living, but reading the book in advance will enhance your seminar experience.

                                           Mark Sission

                                           The Audience

    The seminar started on time and was well run. There was about 40 people there I think, give or take 5. I have put the details of the seminar from Mark's Daily Apple Web site at the end of this post. The seminar started at 9am. We had a break in the morning session and a lunch break. Lunch was meat, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

                                           Food with Coach Rut in the background

Mr. Sission spent his time on the breaks visiting with the participants and answering their questions. He was very friendly and approachable.

                                           The group eating a Primal lunch

                                           Mr. Sission talking to the group at lunch.

                                           A little closer shot of Mr. Sission

I liked his presentation and found it enjoyable. My only complaint is that it ended too soon. I could have spent another 8 hours listening to his ideas.
    I read the book in July of 2010. I read Dr. Cordain's books in April of 2008. I have been studying and following the primal lifestyle on and off since 2008. Since reading "The Primal Blueprint" I have been following the 80/20 rule. I have read the paleo books and I have been reading a lot of blogs and forums since July of 2010.

                                           My Primal book collection

I have been fairly active on Mark's Daily Apple Forum and I started this blog. So I don't really consider myself a beginner at the Primal Lifestyle. My wife Tanya started the Primal Blueprint about two months ago. She hasn't read any of the books, but she has watched me recompose my body and maintain my weigh over the last 9 months. I think she learned a lot from the seminar. I have read most of the other books after reading The Primal Blueprint, so its been a while since I read it. I also read it very quickly. I think attending the seminar helped me finally get the concept of the book. The subtitle of the book really says it all; "Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy." Its about reprogramming your genes! The first thing I did when I got home was to get the book back out and start rereading it. I had missed or forgotten so much of the book it was unreal. Or perhaps it was because I read so many other books and blogs I had forgotten the focus of the book.  I can say I learned a lot at this seminar, regardless of the fact that I have been studying it for a long period of time.
    We did two exercises in the seminar. The first one was to discuss with another participant what was something they would miss about their old diet and what would hold them up in following the Primal Blueprint. The other quest that I visited with had also been Primal for quite a while so we didn't have too many things to discuss about holding us back, but we did talk about some foods we missed. Our talk was mostly about how much we love this lifestyle and the benefits we have gotten from it. Some of the foods that were brought up were ice cream, chips, beer, pizza, and desserts. So we talk a little about substitutions like meatza.
    The second exercise was an individual exercise to list five ways you could do better on the Blueprint and list five Primal meals. The five Primal meals was easy and didn't take any time to think or write down. Here's my five items:

1. Get away from regular meal times and eat when I'm really hungry.
2. Include more vegetables
3. Drink less coffee, don't use it for a crutch
4. get rid of commercial condiments like barbarque sauce, mayo, and ketchup.
5. reduce process meats like jerky and bacon

   The hardest one is going to be how to work with irregular meal times. I work at a factory and Tanya works in an office. We have set break and lunch times. I like to have a fast of at least 12 hours each night. So Tanya and I discussed the issue on our way home. I'm not sure if we have come up with a good solution yet, but we are working on it. We currently eat breakfast at 5:30am before we head off to work and have supper at 5:30pm. I usually get hungry again between 8:30am and 9:30am depending on what and how much I've eaten for breakfast. My lunch break isn't until 11:30am. I really like to avoid snacking, especially after reading J. Stanton's article, "Why Snacking Makes You Weak, Not Just Fat". I used to eat 5 times a day back when I was following Conventional Wisdom (CW). It has been difficult to break this habit. I used to have breakfast, a snack at 9am, lunch at 11:30am, a snack at 2pm, and supper at 5:30pm. I think I'll work toward 3 meals, but again I want to eat them when I'm hungry.
   Two other items of interest Mr. Sission mentioned in his presentation were a change in his food pyramid and he is working on a new book. He has moved the meats to the bottom of the pyramid and put the vegetables and fruits where the meats were. He said that he also would make fruits a small portion of the vegetable and fruit block. He said that nuts have also became an issue and he would change the small of its block in the pyramid. Too many people are eating too many nuts. If you are trying to lose weight (express your lean genes) eating too many fruits and nuts can sabotage your efforts. His new book is about reconnecting with your community.
   I had a great time at the seminar. I got to meet Mark Sission and other people following the Primal Blueprint. I learned more about the Primal Blueprint and had my memory rattled. I put goals and ideas down on paper. I'm working on a plan to make my genes express themselves in the right way. If there is a P.A.S.T coming to your area I highly recommend you attend.

                                           Me, Mark Sission, and Tanya

   P.A.S.T Agenda from Primal

Morning Session: Primal Blueprint Key Concepts. Detailed scientific explanation and practical discussion of the how’s and why’s of Primal living, and how they contrast sharply with Conventional Wisdom about diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits. Understanding the key concepts will help you build a solid foundation for your transition to a Primal lifestyle. Advanced Primal enthusiasts will appreciate how the discussion picks up where the book left off!

Break: A ten-minute morning break will be provided with beverages and snacks available.

Q&A: The delivery of the presentation material will be balanced with audience engagement at regular intervals. We want to make sure you “own” each of these concepts and have a complete understanding of how they apply to your health and fitness goals.

Lunch: Enjoy 45-minute of free time, and the opportunity to complete your first assignment of eating a Primal lunch!

Afternoon: Primal Accelerated Success Action Plan. Armed with the knowledge presented in the morning, you’ll develop a step-by-step action plan to transition to a Primal-lifestyle over the next 30 days. You’ll learn how to clean out your fridge and pantry and surround yourself with Primal foods. You’ll commit to a 14-day test period of Primal eating and evaluate the impact on your energy level, appetite, immune function, body composition, and overall sense of health and well being. You’ll learn how to restructure your workouts away from a chronic approach to model the Primal Blueprint Fitness principles. You’ll engage in a hands-on demonstration/fitness evaluation involving the Five Essential Movements - a simple, safe, total-body workout program for all fitness levels. You’ll develop a customized plan to optimize your sun exposure, sleep habits, and play time, and more!

Break: A ten-minute afternoon break will be provided with beverages and snacks available.

Small Group Discussion: Leverage the presentation material with additional brainstorming and insights from your new Primal buddies. Time to crystallize your goals and put pen to paper with specific commitments and To-Do List items.

                                           Materials from the P.A.S.T seminar

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

After Easter Update

I finished reading Art De Vany's book, "The New Evolution Diet". I had been avoiding reading it because I was a little put out that his blog is by subscription only. But, I'm glad I finally bought the book and read it. De Vany has been doing the Primal diet thing longer than anyone else I know of, and he does it well. I'm going to change up my weight lifting program a little and try De Vany's program. I also picked up some BCAA and glutathione per De Vany's program. The BCAA I bought suck! They do not mix well and taste bad (understated). I highly recommend the book.

2 slice of bacon
2 Scrambled eggs
almond raisin cookie

1/2 almond joy bar

mixed greens
1/2 almond joy bar

baked sweet potatoe

morning: 20 minutes walking.
afternoon: weights: legs

Saturday, April 23, 2011

April 23 Food, exercise, excuses, and more.

I've been busy doing some other things and I've fallen behind on recording my food and exercise. For the most part my diet and exercise hasn't varied. My diet stays Primal and my exercising is made up of weights, flexibility training, and martial arts. Also lots of playing with Zeus. I've currently reading "The New Evolution Diet" by Art De Vany. I'm really enjoying the book. I'm highlighting the stuff I like as I go.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

April 20th Food and Exercise

4 slices of bacon
2 scrambled eggs
1/2 cup mixed greens
1/2 mixed berries

Brisket and steak
2 cup mixed greens
1 cup mixed berries

Baby back ribs
potatoe salad
Cole slaw

afternoon: weights, back routine

April 19th Food and Exercise

4 slice of bacon
2 scrambled eggs

2 cups mixed greens
1 cup mixed berries

Potatoe salad
Cole Slaw

Morning: 20 minutes walking
afternoon: weights, chest routine
Evening: Played with Zeus and TKD forms

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18th Food and Exercise

5 slice of bacon
2 scrambled eggs
Almond cookie

Beef jerky
Almond cookie
chocolate covered coconut

Beef vegetable soup.

Sweet potatoe


Afternoon: Weights, leg routine

Die Biting the Throat Interview

Don't miss this interview!!! Angelo Coppola has J. Stanton on his Podcast this week. Episode 12 is full of Primal goodness. Coppola does an interview with Stanton about his book, "The Gnoll Credo" and Stanton's take on the Primal diet. Stanton stays on the show with Coppola as he goes through his Paleo News and Paleo Village update giving commentary.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17th Food and Exercise

4 slices of bacon
2 scrambled eggs

Beef vegetable soup
almond cookie
chocolate covered coconut

Fried potatoes
cole slaw
almond cookies

Playing ball with Zeus
2.5 hours mountain biking
TKD forms

Saturday, April 16, 2011

April 16 Food and Exercise

6 slice of bacon
2 scrambled eggs

2 beef patties
1 slice american cheese

Baked potatoe

mowed the lawn
TKD forms

Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15 Food and Exercise

4 slices of bacon
2 scrambled eggs

2 cups of mixed greens
1 cup of mixed berries
Roast Beef

Pollo Feliz
corn chips

Morning: 20 minutes walking
Afternoon: weights, arm routine

April 14 Food and Exercise

4 slice of bacon
2 scrambled eggs

Roast Beef
2 cups mixed greens
1 cup mixed berries

coconut flakes

Salmon Patties

afternoon: weights, shoulder routine
Evening: Fitness Kickboxing

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April 13 Food and Exercise

2 slice of bacon
2 Scramble eggs

2 cups Mixed greens salad
1cups Mixed berries
2 pork ribs

coconut flakes
dark chocolate chips

10oz Filet
Baked potatoe
Zucchini, Yellow squash, carrots, and onions

Morning: 20 minutes walking
Afternoon: Weights, Pulling routine
Evening: TKD

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 12 Food and Exercise

4 slice of bacon
2 Scrambled eggs

Coconut flakes
Dark Chocolate chips

Beef Vegetable soup

Roast Beef
Potatoes, carrots, celery, and onions

afternoon: weights, pushing routine
Evening: 20 minutes TKD forms practice

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11 Food and Exercise

4 Slices of Bacon
2 Scrambled eggs

Coconut flakes

Beef Vegetable soup

Beef Jerky


Morning: 20 minutes walking
Afternoon: Weights, leg routine
Evening: 20 minutes walking

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10th Food and Exercise

3 Slices of bacon
2 Scrambled eggs

Super Sonic Cheeseburger

Ground beef with tomatoes, green peppers, and onion
Tator Tots
Almond cookies with raisins

Soccer with Zeus
3 hours of Mountain bike riding
1 hour of Tae Kwon Do forms practice

April 9th Food and Exercise

4 slices of bacon
2 Scrambled eggs

Beef vegetable soup
coconut flakes

Lamb shank
Roasted potatoes
Glass of red wine

played soccer with Zeus
Mountain bike riding

Friday, April 8, 2011

Food and Exercise April 8

6 pieces of bacon
2 Scramble eggs

1/2 cup coconut flakes
6 dark chocolate chips

Corn chips and gaucomole

 Spanish Rice
I didn't eat the beans

Played with Zeus

20 minutes walking
10 minutes weights, arm routine

Played with the granddaughters

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Food and Exercise April 7

3 slices of bacon
2 scrambled eggs

small piece of veal liver
4 pieces of beef jerky
1/2 coconut flakes
6 dark chocolate chips

2 cups of mixed greens
1 cup of mixed berries
12oz KC strip steak
1 small baked potatoe

baby back ribs
1/2 cup cole slaw
1/2  cup broccoli salad

multiple vitamin
fish oil
vitamin D3

Morning: 20 minutes walking on treadmill
Afternoon: 30 minutes of  weights, shoulders workout
Evening: 30 minutes Kickboxing, 15 minutes of ab work and stretching

8 Weeks Until Summer Cut Program

     I turned 50 years old in March. I'm starting my "8 Weeks Until Summer Cut Program" this week. I weighed 187lbs in March of last year. I went to a Tony Robbins "Unleash the Power Within" seminar in Orlando in March of 2010. After the seminar I went Vegan for about 8 weeks. My weight started falling off quickly, unfortunately a lot of it was muscle. This was not the first time I had done this routine. I had done Vegan and Vegetarian diets before and had seen the same results. Back in 2008 I had read "The Paleo Diet" by Dr. Loren Cordain after my last Vegan experiment. This time I had stumbled upon "The Primal Blueprint" by Mark Sission. I really liked Mr. Sission's approach to the Paleo/Evolutionary Diet, so in June of 2010 I started the "Primal Blueprint". My weight stabilized at about 167lbs and I started gaining back muscle mass. I decided this winter to try and add even more weight back so I added whole raw milk from a local diary to my diet. Using whole raw milk and raw heavy cream my weight went back up to 175lbs. When I got to 175lbs I decided to stop the mass gain because my waist measured 37 inches. I stopped the diary about 6 weeks ago and my weight has dropped to 170 lbs and my waist is 36.5 inches. My goal over the next 8 weeks is to reduce my waist size to 33-34 inches. I really don't have a goal for my weight, but it will probably be around 162lbs. I was at this size in 2002 after finishing a program called,"The Ultimate Body Challenge". I was follow Standard American Diet (SAD) using Conventional Wise (CW) at the time;low fat, high carb, and moderate protein. After the program I seem to fall into some metabolic derangement where I had to keep eating less and exercising more to keep from putting weight back on, so I tried a lot of different diet strategies between 2003 and 2010. I will write a post on them sometime in the future. I have been following the Primal Blueprint since June of 2010 and have had no problem in controlling my weight.
     So what is my "8 Weeks Until Summer Cut Program"? I will continue with the Primal Blueprint but I will be doing less overall calories. I will be eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. I figure my goal weigh is probably 162-165 lbs, so I'll be eating 165 grams of protein per day. I have been eating about 180 grams of protein per day. I'm going to hold my carbs between 50 and 100 grams depending on how much exercise I do on a particular day. On training days I will hold the carbs to 100 grams and on non-training days I will limit carbs to 50 grams. I will be holding total calories around 2,000 until I see where I need to go with them. Fats of course will make up the difference in calories between the combination of protein and carbs and total calories. I am going to record my food and exercise on this blog for the 8 weeks to hold myself accountable.
     And we are off! Here I am at 170 lbs and 36.5 waist. I want to reduce my love-handles and the little pooch at and below my navel.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The battle for Earth Continues

J. Stanton has written another incredible blog post:

"We Must Reclaim Human Health, Sustainability, Environmental Justice, And Morality From The Birdseed Brigade"

 This is a must read. Our future depends on it.

 There were a lot of blog post today. It is blogging Tuesday after all. Be sure and surf over to Robb Wolf's site and get the latest podcast

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wylde on Health Interviews

Robb Wolf has put up some links to interviews with Dr. Bryce Wylde. These are a great introduction to Paleo Diet and exercise. What is really cool is these are videos!

More Primal Linkin' goodness

Primal Toad has been creating a community list of blogs, Facebook Pages, and Twitter Pages for quite some time. He has 400+ links to primal blogs. I hope that all these links will make it easier for people to follow the Primal Lifestyle. There is information on the Way Of Eating (WOE), exercise, cooking, how to budget, almost all of these sites are people living the primal dream. These are not commercial sites trying to sell you something. These are people posting their diets, recipes, and exercise routines with the results of their experimentation.

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Pages Added

I finally got around to adding a couple more pages. I added a page with a complete list of blogs I read. My top blogs are to the right on this page. My blog list page has about 60 blogs related to Primal/Paleo Diet. I also added a fitness blog list page. These are some of the page related to Primal/Paleo movement. I hope these pages will make it easier for people to find information on the Primal Diet. I will also be adding links to web site related to the Primal Lifestyle soon. These will be sites that are not blogs but have information about Primal diet and exercise. The links to my new pages is at the top of this page. I added a third page with links to web sites and forums.

Stay Primal, Grok On!!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paleo 2.0 and Why you shouldn't snack.

J. Stanton latest blog, "Why Snacking Makes You Weak, Not Just fat" is an excellent read. I learned why following CW bodybuilding nutrition never helped me gain muscle. After a few years of reading bodybuilding magazines I realized they were written for people who were taking steroids. I didn't realize that their recommendations were ruining my chances of getting big.
    Dr. Harris is redefining what Paleo means to him and he is asking for the community to get behind him with his idea. He has written the Paleo 2.0 Diet Manifesto. I think this is a great idea, for him to clearly define his thoughts as they have evolved over the last couple of years. I think Dr. Harris has really boiled down the most important aspects for the Paleo Diet.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More vegan bashing.

It really is hard to get enough vegan bashing. This weekend Julianne Taylor continued her rant on vegans. Paleo Pepper raised the question, "Is Vegetarianism an Eating Disorder"? . Today Richard Nikoley has posted a blog, "Stop the Madness: Vegans keep killing their kids".

Thursday, March 24, 2011

An interesting Site

I found an interesting site yesterday thanks to Manaloa over on MDA forum. There is a guy name Antonio Zamora that has a neat site called Scientific Psychic. Here is his description of his site: "The ability to think and communicate complex ideas are characteristics that distinguish humans from other life forms on our planet. Scientific Psychic® is a web site dedicated to the exploration of language and the human mind with the objective of encouraging critical thinking and a healthy life style." What caused my interest in his site? He has several calculators related to health. He has a BMI Calculator. There is a Calorie Restriction Calculator. He also has a Macro Nutrient Calculator.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jimmy Moore's Week of Paleo Podcast.

I stumbled upon Jimmy Moore's Week of Paleo Podcast yesterday. I've only listened to the Art De Vany one so far. I really enjoyed the show. In most interviews with De Vany, it always seems the host cuts him off. Mr. Moore lets De Vany talk. He also asks him good questions about the Paleo lifestyle, not the usually stupid question most of the interviewers ask. I think this is the best interview of De Vany I have heard. I'll have to listen to it several times to glean all the information out of it. I'm looking forward to listening to the other people Moore interviews on the Paleo Week. The first episode of the Paleo Week starts with 42-year old Australian Paleo triathlete and athletic coach Mark Pomery.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Robb Wolf's I-5 interview

I downloaded and listened to Robb Wolf's I-5 interview today. I think it is a really good intro to Paleo. It also shows how close the Vegan Paleo and Meat Paleo are in that they both focus on fruits and veggies. Check it out. You might want to recommend it to a friend.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Naturally Engineered

I haven't added the Naturally Engineered Blog to my blog list. It will be on my blog page when I put it up. But David Csonka the author of Naturally Engineered has posted a couple of blogs the Primal people will want to read. He has a Paleo survey up, so you will want to take it. He also has a new concise guide to Paleo you will want to download and share.

Sunday, March 13, 2011


As a father who suffered through having a child with both ADHD and ODD I can appreciate Dr. Emily Deans latest blog on the subject. My wife and I tried all kinds of treatments for our sons, both naturally and conventional. I wished I would have know 30 years ago about the Primal Diet, things would have been different I think.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Healthy Gut and Aliens

I'm reading "Gut and Psychology Syndrome". Its an interesting book by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD about poor gut health and the many physical and psychological diseases associated with it. The book focuses mainly on the psychological diseases. The book offers a diet plan to restore gut health. Restoring the gut health will cure or reduce the symptoms of the diseases. Today Melissa McEwen has blogged about a paper on the Gut-brain-skin axis. The aliens are the bacteria that live in our guts. If we are healthy we have more bacteria in our guts than cells in our bodies.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awesome Poo Flinging

Looks like Julianne Taylor stirred up the vegans with her post, "30 Bananas a day Durianrider, an analysis of his ‘paleo’ vegan diet". The blog is great but the comments are even better. Lots of folks from the Paleo community, Richard Nikoley, J. Stanton, and Emily Deans, made technical biology defenses for protein (meat) in the diet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Melicious Added

Melicious at The Clothes Make The Girl is an active Primal blogger so I've added her site to my blog list. I'm trying to only add the most active sites that I follow to my blog list. I have about a 100 Primal blogs in my favorites and my plan is to make a separate page with all the blogs. One of these days I'll get a round to it.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Vote for Malpaz

Malpaz has entered the Faces of Fitness at Fitness Magazine. She has a blog called Zeroing in on Recovery. She also spends time on the MDA forum. If you can hop over and cast a vote for her.

Big Fat Lies

That Paleo Guy, Jamie Scott has a new post up. Its about how some of his clients lie to him about working out and what the eat. It also covers the importance of fat in the diet and some of the systems that might be affected if you are not eating enough fat. Eating paleo calls for a lot of fat. Are you getting all you need?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Paleo Pepper

Pepper is writing quite a few articles, so I added her to my blog list. Her site is called Paleo Pepper. Her last two post were on sex and food addiction. Something I know everyone is interested in reading more about.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday at the house

I've got a trailer hitch to put on today, so not much surfing and reading blogs for me. If you haven't discover the Modern Paleo blog yet you have been missing a good one. Diana Hsieh is the author of the site. On Fridays she does a review of the Paleo sites she follows, she calls it the Paleo Rodeo. She has a long list of sites this week, so check it out. I'm off to install the hitch.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Similar way of thinking.

This isn't necessarily Primal, though it might be. I do believe the author of the blog is following a Paleo diet. I like this blog and thought I'd share it. Have we become so Weak?

Sesame seed Crackers

Last night we made a green chile stew out of leftover roast. Shoot, I forgot to take a picture of it. Anyways, I made some Sesame Seed Crackers to go with it using this recipe.

Very tasty.

My Quick and Dirty Weightloss Formula

I started a thread over at MDA forum yesterday, thread. Some people on the forum are having trouble losing weight or their weight loss has stalled, so I put up a formula to help them. A number of people have added to the thread and this is what I've come up with so far:

Read "The Primal Blueprint" if you haven't already. Read Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution". (you can find both these books on my Amazon Store page) Follow a strict Primal/Paleo diet, it will look a lot like the "Whole 30" plan. Follow the exercise plans in the books.
Don't cheat! You will need to forget the idea of unweighted and unmeasured. You need to know where you are at and where you are going.

1. Eat only when you truly feel hungry, three times / day at most. Twice if you can get away with it. Don't snack ever.
2. Fill yourself up (not stuffed, just "full") withPB-approved foods, experiment with dairy & nuts elimination and VLC to find out if those are good approaches for you.
3. take a long brisk walk every chance you get but most especially in the morning. Sprint / Lift Heavy Things  when you can to work those hormones & preserve lean tissue.

1. Figure out your caloric needs = BMR + Activity level (calculator is here)
2. Figure your protein needs, 1 to 1.5 grams per pound of desired body weight. (like I want to weigh 175)
3. Eat 100 grams of carbs or less.
4. Fats will make up the rest of your calories.
5. Figure at what rate you want to lose weight (3,600 calorie = 1lbs of body weight) / (time frame, like 1 week) you can only cut carbs or fats, do not cut protein. Play with the ratio of carbs and fats until you find a point where you feel the best.

Losing weight on the Primal Diet should be effortless, but sometimes people have trouble and this is my solution. I may modify or added to this in the future.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

For supper

Last night we fix Meatza. We used the recipe from here. But if you Google Meatza you will find a lot of different recipes. It is great for leftovers too and the crust doesn't get soggy.

I could not have said it better.

Most of the blogs that I follow haven't posted anything this morning so I was looking at Evolutionary Psychiatry blog. I decided to look at some of the blogs on her list. I found a gem of a post over at That Paleo Guy. On February 17, 2011 Jamie Scott write a blog titled "I don't care what you eat". I thought he had been reading my mind. I couldn't have written the article any better about how I feel about peoples food choices. Ahem, brother and keep up the good work.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Outer Space, recipes, and poo flinging

When I'm not reading Primal/Paleo blogs, I'm hanging out on the forum at Mark's Daily Apple. Its a community of Primal thinkers.

blog updates for today:

Modern Paleo has a Russian Pickled Cabbage recipe. That looks interesting.

Mark Sission has a blog on the affects of space and how it compares to how we are all living outside our natural environment.

Free the Animal has some more great vegan poo flinging. How soy can screw up your sex life

Robb wolf welcomes visitors to his blog. Mr. Wolf and Art Devany were on Nightline last night giving a talk on Primal/Paleo lifestyle.

Dr. Harris posted a couple of articles today. One on Lipoproteins and another on Polyphenol Hormesis.

Well that should keep everyone busy tonight.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogging Tuesday

Dr. Harris posted a couple blogs yesterday that I really liked. One was on Orthorexia and the other was titled, "William Munny eats his Vegetables". The first blog was an continuation of his eating rice crispies ordeal. The Munny article is about moderation.

Tuesdays are a big day for the paleo scene. On Tuesdays Robb Wolf's (Robb Wolf) podcast are posted as well as Sarah Fargoso's (Everyday Paleo) podcast. J. Stanton ( has promised to blog every Tuesday and he has a couple of treats today. Are Vegans eating soylent green? The link's to their blogs are on my blog list at the bottom of this page.

Mark Sission over at Mark's Daily Apple looks at protein today and how it affects the kidneys, or doesn't.

Sarah ( Everyday Paleo) has also put up a recipe for a fun-burger, it looks really yummy.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I've been working on my taxes this weekend, so I've not had time to post anything. I did take time to read "Free the Animal" blog. It is interesting to read the poo flinging between the Vegans and the Paleos. It would probably make a cool movie.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


My wife and I went to the performance of Alegria. The performers are absolutely amazing. I wonder want kind of diet most of them are on?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Getting started

Not that there aren't enough blogs on Paleo and Primal diets, but here's mine. I'm not sure what I'll post on this blog, but I'll try to update it frequently. The first thing I need to do is pimp my Primal merchandise. My good friend John over at made me a custom primal graphics to put on t-shirts, coffee mugs (yes, coffee is paleo, just ask Robb Wolf and Andy Deas), and etc.  You can get the merchandise and either Cafepress or zazzle.

I'll be setting you an Amazon Store soon.

In the meantime, you can click on the blogs to your right to see what I've been reading. I'll try to get my profile worked up soon.