Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Paleo 2.0 and Why you shouldn't snack.

J. Stanton latest blog, "Why Snacking Makes You Weak, Not Just fat" is an excellent read. I learned why following CW bodybuilding nutrition never helped me gain muscle. After a few years of reading bodybuilding magazines I realized they were written for people who were taking steroids. I didn't realize that their recommendations were ruining my chances of getting big.
    Dr. Harris is redefining what Paleo means to him and he is asking for the community to get behind him with his idea. He has written the Paleo 2.0 Diet Manifesto. I think this is a great idea, for him to clearly define his thoughts as they have evolved over the last couple of years. I think Dr. Harris has really boiled down the most important aspects for the Paleo Diet.

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