Thursday, August 20, 2015

Strength-to-Mass Ratio info

Weight-to-strength ratio or Strength-to-Mass ratio are terms used to describe ones physical functionality. We will call it Strength-to-Mass ratio and abbreviate it as SMR. SMR is critical for obstacle racing and functionality in life. Especially as we get older we have to fight to maintain our SMR.

Short definition of Strength-to-Mass ratio:

Strength-to-Mass Ratio (S-M R) is the force a person can exert divided by their mass. It is typically used in correlation with functionality; it is primarily of importance to people concerned with improving the ability to manipulate their own body (gymnastics, rock climbing, martial arts). These people should focus on exercises that increase strength-mass ratio, whereas bodybuilders, for instance, do not concern themselves so much with S-M R because the priority is more increase in bulk. S-M R is also beneficial for older people looking to enhance their lives through fitness. The crucial point is that your training must increase strength by a greater percentage than mass. Types of exercises that help: things such as weighted pullups/dips/pistols, cleans, snatch, deadlift, etc.

The next link is an online calculator for strength-mass ratio. I don't like that there is no pull up or lat pull down measurement as being able to pull your body weight up is extremely important in obstacle racing and in life.

The next link is to a paper on SMR levels. The higher your ratio the better your score.

Here is a chart to measure your strength-mass.

The next link is to a book on exercise physiology and some test to measure your SMR.

For more information enter the terms strength-to-mass ratio or weight-to-strength ratio in your favorite search engine.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It starts with greens

It has been a while since I made a post. Its enough to keep up with Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. But I wanted up give an update on how my Primal way-of-eating has evolved. My diet has changed into a Plant-based Primal Diet.

     The base of the diet is green leafy vegetables, followed by all the other vegetables, and fruits. Then we add in the starches root vegetables, grains, and legumes. Nuts and seeds are stacked on top of that. Grass-fed ruminants and seafood are next. Eggs, pastured pork and chicken. Raw dairy products like milk and cheeses. And at the very top of a pyramid would be modern products also known as junk food, crap, and man-made products, eat very little of these foods. If you want to lose weight stick to the vegetables, fruits, and starchy foods. Do not add fat, this includes avocados. Eat only when you are hungry and not on a schedule. Stay on this diet until you lose all the weight you want. 28 or 30 days isn't enough, do it until your done. Don't drink alcohol.

   But several doctors and writers have written about this way of eating and have some short and very concise articles on the subject. Below are links to these articles. They are well written and say everything I would say about a healthy diet.

Have a great summer, well what is left of it.