Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Outer Space, recipes, and poo flinging

When I'm not reading Primal/Paleo blogs, I'm hanging out on the forum at Mark's Daily Apple. Its a community of Primal thinkers.

blog updates for today:

Modern Paleo has a Russian Pickled Cabbage recipe. That looks interesting.

Mark Sission has a blog on the affects of space and how it compares to how we are all living outside our natural environment.

Free the Animal has some more great vegan poo flinging. How soy can screw up your sex life

Robb wolf welcomes visitors to his blog. Mr. Wolf and Art Devany were on Nightline last night giving a talk on Primal/Paleo lifestyle.

Dr. Harris posted a couple of articles today. One on Lipoproteins and another on Polyphenol Hormesis.

Well that should keep everyone busy tonight.

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