Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Blogging Tuesday

Dr. Harris posted a couple blogs yesterday that I really liked. One was on Orthorexia and the other was titled, "William Munny eats his Vegetables". The first blog was an continuation of his eating rice crispies ordeal. The Munny article is about moderation.

Tuesdays are a big day for the paleo scene. On Tuesdays Robb Wolf's (Robb Wolf) podcast are posted as well as Sarah Fargoso's (Everyday Paleo) podcast. J. Stanton (Gnolls.org) has promised to blog every Tuesday and he has a couple of treats today. Are Vegans eating soylent green? The link's to their blogs are on my blog list at the bottom of this page.

Mark Sission over at Mark's Daily Apple looks at protein today and how it affects the kidneys, or doesn't.

Sarah ( Everyday Paleo) has also put up a recipe for a fun-burger, it looks really yummy.

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