Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 8 of 30 plant-based challenge

     Yesterday was beans and tortillas. I found some sprouted ancient grain tortillas at Whole foods.

    This one is the Engine 2 ancient grain tortilla. I really liked the tasted of them. It was very nutty. I placed them in a non-stick skillet to heat them up. I left them in the skillet until they are mostly crunchy. I then dipped them into El Charro's salsa. The funny thing is these tortillas are manufactured by the company that makes the next tortilla.

    Food of life makes a lot of sprouted grain products. This is their Ezekiel 4:9 sprouts grain tortillas. They also make the above Engine 2 tortillas, says so on the package. The ingredients between the two a just a tiny bit different. They had just a little different flavor, very slight. I liked this one better than the Engine 2. It might be all in my head though.

   Both tortillas have sprouted wheat and sprouted soy. I'm not real crazy about them having soy in them. But, they are supposed to be organic and GMO free. They didn't add preservatives or oils to the tortillas. I would definitely eat these tortillas again.

   I ate cheap black beans from a can yesterday. They were the  Great Value ones from Walmart. They didn't have my favorite Bush's Seasoned Black Beans at the time. I added El Charro's salsa to them and they tasted fine to me. Tanya got an upset stomach from they. They had a lot of sodium in them and my face is swollen some today. More on this later.

   I ate 2,055 calories yesterday. My sodium intake was 4,650. Wow! It is very easy to eat a lot of calories when you are eating food that has been processed and cooked. It is much more difficult to get enough calories when you eat raw fruits and vegetables. Here is a link to an experiment they did in Great Britain. They put 12 people in a zoo and only fed them raw fruits and vegetables. They lost weight so quickly the crew had to bring the participants cooked fish to slow down the weight loss. It was called the "Evo Diet". You can Google it from more information on the show.

    I moved around a lot yesterday. I was active for 9 hours and 26 minutes. I logged in 30,114 steps. I think my Loop make mistake some other movements for steps. I burned 3,550 calories. The Loop is also questionable when it comes to my sleep. It said that I only slept from a couple hours last night. I have already posted my run from yesterday. See yesterday's blog for the details. BGLs were all fine yesterday.

    I burned 3,550 calories yesterday and only consumed 2,055 calories. My weight this morning was the same as yesterday 167lbs. Eating less and exercising more once again didn't cause weight loss. There was also the sodium which played a big part in me retaining weight.

   The moral of today's blog is eat raw fruits and vegetables if you want to drop weight quickly. Don't consume too much sodium. I'm eating fruits, vegetables, and sweet potatoes today. See you tomorrow for an update.


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