Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day4 Plant-based Challenge

     Yesterday I ate beans and tortillas again for most of the day. I had my Mexican blow out meal for supper. I had a long list of food. Chips, salsa, guacamole, queso, spinach enchiladas, black beans, beer, and kamora. This gave me a total of 2,817 calories yesterday.

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    Yesterday I taught two Primal Fitness classes and I ran 5.93 miles. My active time yesterday was 9 hours and 42 minutes. I logged 28984 steps and burned 3368 calories. During my run my average HR was 136 bpm. My maximum HR was 162 bpm and my minimum was 66 bpm. I burned 596 calories on my run.


My BGLs yesterday were 94 mg/dL at rising, 98 mg/dL after breakfast, 98mg/dL after snack, 105 mg/dL before supper, and 86 mg/dL before going to bed.

    I weighed 167lbs yesterday morning when I got up. This morning I weighed 172lbs. WHOA!!! That is 5lbs over night. But wait, I burned 3368 calories yesterday. I taught 2 fitness class, ran almost 6 miles, and I was active for almost 10 hours. I only consumed 2,817 calories. How could I have gained 5lbs over night when I ate less and exercised more? This doesn't add up. But it really does and here is why. Dairy, processed oils, and alcohol are very inflammatory. I gained back that water weight I loss on Tuesday by eating those three items. If I had eated 2,817 calories from fruits, vegetables, and roots the results would have been different. I'll prove that to you later in the challenge.

    Here's something else to think about, plant-based (vegan) doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Everything I ate yesterday except for the queso was plant-based. You can be sick, overweight, and unhealthy on a plant-based diet. It depends on the choices you make. Processed foods and alcohol can be all plant-based, but they are not healthy. Foods to avoid are processed oils, alcohol, refined sugars, refined grain products, and dairy.

   Exercise is an efficient way to lose weight. It also caused inflammation. When you exercise you break down your tissues. When the tissues get broken down your body will start the healing process by sending fluids to the tissue and it will retain that fluid. 

   I'm eating plant-based healthy foods most of today. But, tonight I'm going to have some animal products. Check back tomorrow and see how that spins my body.

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