Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 6 plant-based challenge

    Yesterday, which was Sunday 6/15/14, I ate only melons. I had watermelon, cantaloupe, and some other melons. The other melons were ones that I had never eaten before. I had a Santa Claus melon, a canary melon, and a Hami melon. Unfortunately the canary melon was over ripe so I had to throw it away. If I had a hog I would have thrown it to him. So I won't be reviewing the canary melon.

The Santa Claus melon is the green one on the left. The Hami melon is in the center and the canary melon is on the right.

This is the Santa Claus melon. I liked it. Tanya didn't care for it. It tastes like a cross between a watermelon, cantaloupe, and a honeydew melon. I ate the whole thing.

The Hami melon tasted a lot like a cantaloupe. But it did have a favor of its own. The biggest difference though is the texture of the meat. The Hami melon's flesh is firmer than a cantaloup. It's almost crunchy. We both liked it.

The canary melon has paler flesh than a cantaloupe but also taste similar. It is hard to do it justice though since this one was over ripe.

    I ate a lot of melon yesterday. But the total number of calories from the melon wasn't very much. It only came to 1,085 calories for the day. I ate almost a whole watermelon, a whole santa claus melon, and several cups of the other melons.

    I didn't force feed myself. I didn't even try to come close to 1,600 calories. I ate until I was stuffed though. I just didn't make it a point to get the 1,600 calories. I figured I had enough calories on Friday and Saturday night to make up for it.

   My activity log is off because I didn't wear my loop while I was running. My Polar H7 HRM can only link to one device at a time. So I took my Polar Loop off before I put my H7 on so that they wouldn't link. I wanted my H7 to link with my phone so I could use my Polar Beat App to record my HR. I forgot to put my Loop back on before I started to run. So I have about an hour and twenty minutes of activity that wasn't recorded on my Polar Loop.We'll add the activity from my Loop and Beat app together to get the total amount.

   The Loop shows that I had 4 hours and 12 minutes of activity yesterday. I also had the 1 hour and 16 minute run that I did on Turkey Mountain. That brings the total up to 5 hours and 28 minutes of activity yesterday. I had 2,129 calories burned on the Loop and 817 on the Beat app. For a total of 2,936 calories burned yesterday.

   For some reason the sync doesn't quite get all the information off of my phone strange. I slept 5 hours and 38 minutes last night. Which is weird since I went to bed at 8:30pm and got up at 3:45am. I know I got up several times last night to use the restroom. Eating so much melon really gets the bladder flowing.

   My run yesterday was really tough. I was feeling the sodium and grease. I ran a pretty rough course with a lot of hills. My maximum HR was 162bpm, my minimum was 71bpm, and the average was 137bpm. I wore my Hero Gopro yesterday. I was messing with it too, so that slowed me down too.

   This morning when I got up I weighed 172lbs. My Tanita scales said my BF was 16% and the Omron read 12.6%. My BGLs yesterday were 95mg/dL 99mg/dL, and 85mg/dL. This morning on rising my BGL was 84mg/dL. I need to start measuring my waist and hips every morning too. Or I might make it a once a week thing.

   Today I'm eating only fruit. I'll try to eat 1,600 calories. Tomorrow morning will complete the first 7 days of the 30 day challenge. What will be my net loss for a week on an almost all plant-based diet? Did I lose muscle mass? Did I gain muscle mass? Did I lose the inflammation? Check back tomorrow and see.

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