Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 5 Plant-based challenge

     Let's get to the ugly stuff first. I weighed in this morning at 173.5lbs. Amazing! But, the Tanita scales showed my BF at 15%. The Omron handheld device gave my BF as 12.1%. What the heck? My body fat went down and my weight went up. I packed on 1.5lbs of lean mass over night. Yes! Buffalo Wild Wings are like anabolic steroids! I've packed on 6lbs of mass over two days. I need to write an ebook. Not so fast scooter. I'm bloated like a toad. I have so much sodium in my body I'm denser than the Dead Sea. I'm carrying around so much water a fire truck could hook on to me and put out a 5 alarm fire. My face is so swollen it looks like my granddaughter really hit me with all those punches she landed with the Wii sport boxing game we played last night. Inflammation!

Roller Coaster.

    So what did I eat yesterday to pack on the 1.5lbs of lean mass, er...inflammation. I had a salad for breakfast. I ate this around 11am after teaching to fitness classes and going to the expo to see if the Mud Run was still going. It wasn't. I did do some wine sampling though. More about that at the end of this article.

    Supper was where I really choked down the calories. We took the granddaughters to Buffalo Wild Wings. They like to eat there. I don't. I won't go into a rant about it though. I had boneless wings, a few french fries, and a salad. It sounds innocent.

    I consumed 4,133 calories yesterday. 2,948 of those calories were from the wings and bleu cheese dressing. Unbelievable. Look at the amount of sodium, most of the sodium was from the wings and dressing. I'm not sure how much salt was on the popcorn, it was a lot. I didn't record it. But I had 9,688mg of sodium recorded. 8,887mg was from the wings and dressing.

   I didn't exercise much yesterday. I did three rounds of the four during one of the Primal Fitness classes and participated in some of the team activities in the other. I played with the granddaughters in the pool and played some games on the Wii.

     I didn't wear my HRM any yesterday. But here is my activity overview and summary from yesterday. I was active for 7 hours and 39 minutes. I logged 13,951 steps. I burned 2,792 calories. My sleep wasn't too good last night either. I had a granddaughter that decided she was hungry at 3am. I should have let her eat my wild wings. Poor sleep contributes to inflammation

    I only took one BGL yesterday. It was 93mg/dL upon rising. I was too busy doing other things and I forgot to take it. Plus I only ate 2 times yesterday.

    Today I'm eating unsalted cantaloupe. I might have some watermelon too. We'll see how my inflammation is tomorrow. See if I can lose 5lbs overnight.

    So about the wine sampling. There was a Winery with a booth at the Mud Cat noodling event. Diamondhead Wine is located between Pryor and Adair in Oklahoma. The reason I'm mentioning them here is because not only did their wines taste great, but they source as much of their ingredients from local farmers as possible. They also harvest their own wild blackberries and other fruits. They had a mead that was sourced from local honeysuckle. So if you drink wine you might want to check them out.

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