Friday, June 27, 2014

Day 17 of plant-based challenge

     Yesterday I mixed it up some. I ran at a much slower rate. I also picked up some healthy junk food at Whole Foods. I took my morning GBL and it was 83mg/dL.
     I ran about 3 miles yesterday but I forgot to turn on my tracking app. I did have on my HRM through so I have that data. I ran in zone 1 and zone 2 almost the entire time. I bounced back and forth between the two zones. Zones 1 and 2 are fat burning zones. Running at this rate keeps your RQ where you are using more fats for energy than carbohydrates.

    You can see on the right the color code for the different zones. On the left is the graph showing my heart rate. I started the run at about 28 minutes. The time from 0 to 28 minutes was the car ride to the lake and stretching. My average heart rate was 88bpm. I got up to 126bpm at one time. While I was in the car my heart rate was between 50 and 60bpm.

    In addition to the run, I was very active yesterday. I logged 27119 steps and burned 3375 calories. I didn't have any inactive times yesterday that lasted more than an hour.

I did consume quite a few calories yesterday. Mostly thanks to the healthy junk food I picked up. I went to Whole Foods to get some more sprouted tortillas. I was looking around the store when I bumped into a free sample of some bean and rice chips.

 What I liked about the Beanfield products is they are only 30% fat. They are also vegan, non-GMO, dairy free, and gluten free. They taste pretty good with salsa.

I liked these Real veggie chips too. They contain even less fate. Most veggie chips are loaded with fat. These have peas as their main base and you can taste it. They have enough seasoning to cover up the pea taste though. I found these hard to put down.

    But despite all the good things about these chips they are still a processed food. They push out calories that could be better spent on healthy fresh whole food.

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