Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day 2 Plant Based Challenge

Yesterday I ate tortillas and black beans, all day long. I ate Great Value black beans and some Bush's seasoned black beans. I had 3 cans of them with El Charro's salsa. I had some interesting tortillas I picked up at Whole Foods.

I had Engine 2 Plant-Strong Brown Rice Torillas. Some of you might be familiar with the story of Engine 2 firehouse. It was a group of firefighters that adopted a plant based diet and they improved their health. The tortillas were good. They are gluten free, low fat, with no added oils. But they have guar gum and a couple other additives. I might buy them again, but probably not. Because of the additives. They have a nutty flavor from the almond meal.

These tortillas were great! Very tasty, they had a really good corn flavor, sort of like a tamale. They are made with sprouted corn which is considered to be a healthy way to eat grains. Read about the benefits of sprouted grains here. These tortillas have only four ingredients. They are ingredients you would recognize as food. They are sprouted corn, water, sea salt, and lime.

Here is MyFitnessPal report from yesterday:

I ate 6 of the Sprouted corn tortillas and 3 of the brown rice tortillas. I was stuffed but I ate anyways to try and reach 1,600 calories. I didn't count the salsa calories or the homemade kombucha I had. So I was probably over 1,600 calories.

So that is what I consumed yesterday in the way of food and calories. Let's look at my activity and exercise from yesterday to see how many calories I burned.

Remember to click on pictures to enlarge them. I was active for 6 hours and 22 minutes yesterday. I logged 19,720 steps. I was inactive a one point for more than an hour. I burn 2,912 calories yesterday. That is a lot of calories to burn since I only ate around 1,300 calories on Tuesday.

Here is my run from yesterday:

    Next we'll look at my Blood Glucose Levels (BGL) from yesterday. I started off the morning with a reading of 86 mg/dL, which is good. About an hour after breakfast my reading was 152 mg/dL, not bad. After lunch my reading was 106, again good. After supper was 116, again good. I took a finally reading before bedtime and my BGL was 83 mg/dL, excellent. Guess what it was this morning? You'll have to come back tomorrow and read my blog to find out. :-)

    The final question is what did I weigh this morning? Remember I dropped 5.5 lbs yesterday. This morning I was back up a pound. WHAT!?!? How could this be? Mostly water. A person is going to bounce around 3lbs up or 3lbs down on a daily basis. When I weighed Monday morning I was inflamed from the junk I ate over the weekend. My body was retaining fluid to help it dilute the poisons I had put into it. It wasn't happy, by the way. Yesterday I had loss the buffering water my body was retaining. This morning my body had settled back down a little bit seeking homeostasis. Oh, I also forgot. In addition to running yesterday, I taught two classes in the morning and did one of the fitness class in the evening. So my muscle were retaining fluid in them too.

   So that wraps up day two of my challenge. Today I am eating greens, berries, grapes, and pineapple. Don't look for this exact combination on your 30 day challenge calendar. It isn't there. I added pineapple because the one I had setting on the counter was ripe and needed to be eaten. I added the grapes cause they are delicious. Any bets on what my weight will do tomorrow? I almost forgot to log my body fat percentage. This morning it was 11.9% on the Omron device.


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