Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week 3 Day 3 Hack

I bounced back up to 178.5 this morning. We'll see what I weigh tomorrow. I ate a lot of tators yesterday. The last meal was about an hour before bedtime. I worked out twice yesterday. Those are a couple of things I did differently. 

Here is what I had to eat yesterday:

I had some boiled potatoes rolled in rice flour. I ate these with ketchup.

I had this Red Yam that I bought at Sprouts for lunch. It tasted just a little bit different than a sweet potato. The syrup that baked out of it was a different color than the syrup from a sweet potato from Reasor's.

I had these for supper. Potato wedges dipped in egg whites and rolled in corn meal. I found the recipe here:


I also dipped these wedges in different sauces . I tried some wing sauce,barbeque sauce and some hot sauce.

I didn't care much for the wing sauce or the barbeque sauce. The hot sauce was good. but I mixed it with some Cholula hot sauce too. I also had some ketchup with the wedges.

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