Friday, February 21, 2014

week 2 day 5

      This morning I am up a 1.5lbs. I weighed in at 177.5lbs. Things I did differently yesterday; ate more sweet potatoes than usual, I had canned beans and vegetables that were really salty, and I exercised more than usual. Then there was the biggie. I couldn't sleep last night. Last week I had insomnia for the first 3 days of the hack. I hadn't had insomnia this week until last night. I went to bed at 9pm. I woke up just before midnight and I couldn't fall back to sleep. I tossed around until 1am and finally got up out of bed to read. At 2am I still wasn't sleepy. I had to get up at 3:50am. So I poured myself a small glass of milk and put a shot of coffee liquor in it. I went to bed and continued to toss and turn. I did drift in and out of a shallow sleep. The sleep was plagued with strange dreams and nightmares. BEEP, BEEP, BEEP, time to get up.
     BGL this morning was 95 mg/dL on rising. Yesterday BGL's were 97 mg/dL before breakfast. 137 mg/dL 1 hour after breakfast and 80mg/dL after 2 hours.
     Here is what I ate yesterday:

1st meal of the day was 1 1/2 sweet potatoes.

Lunch was sweet potato with cabbage and asparagus. I cabbage and asparagus were salty and didn't taste very good. I threw most of them away.

Not very tasty, unless you like a ton of salt on your food. 

Canned great northern beans over rice and canned spinach. Both the beans and spinach were salty. Next week I'll make up my own beans. The canned stuff just ain't getting it.

I'll be taking a break from the hack over the weekend and then back to it on Monday.

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