Friday, February 14, 2014

Potato updated

     I have completed 4 days on the potato hack. Should we call it the potato cleanse? Would that make it more attractive? How about the potatoe, bean, and rice cleanse? I bet Dr. Oz would even put it on his show if we called it a cleanse. But I digress.
     4 days of stuffing myself with potatoes, beans, and rice. And here is the results: Weight 178.5,

My weight tracking software is telling me to slow down. I might slow it down tonight at El Charro's with some fajitas.

Here's what I had to eat on Thursday 2/13/14:

 Pinto beans and rice for breakfast. 2 cups of rice and a can of pinto beans.

Mid-morning meal of black beans and rice.
 After noon meal from Reasor's. I can't say that I recommend these as far as taste goes, I didn't like the taste. But I was able to choke down the whole can.
 Evening meal above 1 1/2 before bedtime. Baked sweet potato. Yum!

My morning BGL was 104. It was 97 an hour after my large breakfast of beans and rice. I took a couple more readings yesterday and then were all in the normal range. I'm not diabetic, I'm taking the BGL levels to show that most of what you read about glycemic index in the media it hyperbole.

I thought I should throw the supplements I take in case anyone was interested. I take a multivitamin and glucosamine daily. I sometimes take electrolyte and magnesium. And I take a probiotic a couple times a week.

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