Tuesday, February 11, 2014

4 day potato hack

    I started a 4 day potato hack yesterday 2/10/14.
Weight 183.5

I had hash browns cooked on a George Foreman grill for breakfast. They didn't come out very well. I layered them too thick and I was in a hurry. I ate these about 10:30am
The victims.
 Shredded in processor.
 On the grill. Don't layer them this thick. Plan on it taking about an hour to cook at 425 degrees.
Blood Glucose Level (BGL) 85 at noon.

I had a can of these potatoes at 12:30pm.

BGL at 1pm was 89.

I had this huge baked potato from Jason's Deli at 4:20pm

Potato with ketchup and Cholula hot sauce.

BGL at 4:50pm was 107. One caveat here. I change meters between the morning and evening readings. I used a Contour in the morning, but I ran out of test strips. I went to walmart to get some more strips. They wanted $29 for 25 strips or some nonsense. I bought a Relion meter and 50 strips for $26. But the readings on the Relion are a lot higher than the Contour. Luckily I have another meter at home. I have a Nova Max Plus to use and compare reading with the Relion. The Relion meter is reading about 10 points more than the Nova Max. 

So I felt great all day yesterday. I had lots of energy and felt light. I did have trouble falling to sleep. I wasn't tired. My pulse felt a little elevated but not by much, maybe 10 beats more than usual.

This morning 2/11/14, I weighed in at 181.5. That is 2lbs difference from yesterday. I feel great this morning. Pulse before rising was 61bpm. This is about 10 beats above my normal resting heart rate. BGL was 91 this morning.

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