Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 6 & 7 of greens challenge

    My weight bounced up to 171lbs after a couple days of eating too much. Especially dairy and meats. I'm back down today to 167.5lbs.

Day 6, Tuesday 7/15/14

The cooler weather took a minute off of my pace. My heart rate stayed much lower in the coolness. I ran 50% of my time in zone 4 and 30% in zone 5. My heart rate was lower and my pace was much faster.

Day 7, Wednesday 7/16/14

I wasn't very active on Wednesday. I didn't meet goal on my steps. I didn't sleep well again either. I'm thinking about investing in a better sleep tracking device to see if the Loop is accurate. Also, with a better sleep tracker I can't look at more aspects of sleep such as dream cycles and brain waves/states.

    I'm still not having any problem getting 5 cups of greens a day. Here's the deal, ya have to eat lots of vegetables, especially greens. Vegetables are bulky and take up room in your stomach. They are nutrient dense and calorie sparse. Eating vegetables will push the other nutrient sparse/calorie dense foods, like meat and dairy out of your diet. This way you can eat more, get more nutrients, and consume less calories. There, I just gave away the key to the kingdom. But, do you have what it takes to use the key to get into the kingdom of a healthy lean body?

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