Saturday, July 5, 2014

Day 24 and 25 of plant-based challenge

    Happy belated 4th of July! I spent some time celebrating and the scales show it today. I weighed in at 169.5lbs today. If you look at the sodium I've taken in over the last two days you can probably guess that I'm holding a lot of water. Even though I've had some animal products over the last two days, the biggest problem is the chips. The chips are plant-based but loaded with the wrong oils. Of course the alcohol doesn't help either, but it is plant-based, ;-P. I've been active over the last couple of days and exercised some but of course exercise and activity can never make up for poor diet choices.

Day 24

The main thing to look at on the food journal is the sodium. The RDA for sodium is 2,300 mg. I consumed at least 3,127 mg on the 3rd. I had cheese and a chicken breast, but everything else was plant-based.

I was active for 7 hours and 51 minutes. I logged 21635 steps. The Loop estimates that I burned 3223 calories.

I ran on the 3rd. I ran for over an hour. But here is the kicker, I spent most of my time in zone 5. Zone 5 burns carbs, not fat. If you look back on some of the days where I ran in zone 2 and 3 notice that the next day my weight was down. Running in the correct heart rate zone for your goals is extremely important. I should say exercising in the correct heart rate zone. You could be walking, doing Zumba, or some other form of exercise. If fat loss is your goal, you will want to be in zone 2.

Day 25, Happy 4th of July

I again ate too much sodium on the 4th. Not as much as yesterday but still a lot of sodium. I had beef, chicken, and some dairy at dinner, but the rest was plant-based.

It shows that I was active for only 6 hours yesterday. I spent a lot of time yesterday cleaning the pool and I wasn't wearing my Loop in the pool. So some activity wasn't recorded. My pool is 85 degrees (F). So I didn't get any thermogenic effects from being in the pool. I only logged in 7971 steps yesterday. Estimated to have burned 2,338 calories.

     Only 5 days left on my challenge. My goal for this weekend is to not go above 170lbs. Let's see if I make it.

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