Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Day 22 plant-based Challenge

     Yesterday was Tuesday, July 1st. The year is half over. Unbelievable. I didn't exercise much, or move around that much yesterday. I taught a fitness kickboxing class and pushed the lawn mower for a little while. I also ran the weed eater around part of the yard. I had my HRM on when I was mowing but I didn't punch the button on my Loop, so the data wasn't recorded. Bummer.

     I was only active for 7 hours and 4 minutes yesterday. I logged 17301 steps. I burned 2,950 calories. I had 2 inactivity alerts. One of them was at 2:09am. I was sleeping during that time. Well, I was supposed to be sleeping. But you can tell I had a very tough time sleeping that night. I was restless quite a few times. I was so restless that the Loop thought I was actually wake and moving around. This explains my nap yesterday.

    I didn't exercise yesterday because I gave blood. I could have exercised but I chose to mow grass instead.

    My food was plant-based but I should have probably eaten more yesterday. I drank a lot of liquids to replace the blood I gave but I should have eaten more. I weighed 165.5 this more which is 3lbs down from yesterday. This was my 3rd week on my plant-based challenge. Today I weigh 8.5lbs less than I did at the start. I will probably bounce back up a little tomorrow, but we'll see.

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