Friday, March 14, 2014

Week 5 Day 5 transition

    Today I weighed 170lbs that is back down 1.5lbs from Yesterday. I ran yesterday and I did the Catoosa Fitness Class last night. I set a new record for myself on the run yesterday. I finally ran at under an 8 minute per mile rate. I ran almost 5 miles.

Here's my run from yesterday as reported by Runkeeper.

Here's what I had to eat yesterday:

Greens and Berry Smoothie
Sweet Potato
2 apples
8 tangerines
A big salad
4 yukon gold tators
Cherry pie

These are the berries I use for my smoothie.

The glass was almost full.

The salad I had.

    This was the incredible cherry pie one of my clients brought me. Its a good thing the place that makes these pies is out of state. I wonder if eating this pie is what caused my weight to go back down?

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