Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 5 Day 1 reset transition

   I continued losing fat through the weekend. I weighed 171lbs this morning. I had beef fajitas this weekend at El Charro's. We ate at Texas Roadhouse this weekend also. Not to mention the food I put away at my Mom's house on Sunday. So it wasn't all salads and tators this weekend. I ran 5 miles on Sunday and did 110 burpees.

Weight Commander keeps telling me to slow down. I put some arrows on the picture to point out a couple of things. You can click on the picture to zoom in on it. On the left you will see I dropped 8.5lbs in a week. On the right you can see that I weigh a pound less than I did a year ago.
     One food that I recently added to my diet was Tiger Nuts. Huh? Tiger Nuts will soon be the new super food. Why? Resistant Starch is why. So what are Tiger Nuts? They are commonly know as Chufas seeds. All sorts of animals like these tubers and hunters plant them to attract game.
    Richard Nikoley has an excellent blog post about Tiger nuts that is well worth a read.

This is one brand of Tiger nuts you can buy. I don't really recommend this brand because they have a dirty grassy taste to them at first. After you chew them for a minute it releases the sweet nutty flavor. But, the owner of the company did call me after my order arrived to check on it. So I'll say they have great customer service.

This is a really great tasting Chufa seed/Tiger Nut. It is imported from Spain. The Spanish make a drink from Chufa called horchata. This product doesn't have a strong grassy taste like the other brand. You could probably buy some of the seeds they sell for growing chufa and eat those as well. 
   More about resistant starch later. Or you can go to Richard's site and read all his different post on the subject. Gut health, its going to be big.

Here's some of the other foods I ate over the weekend, in addition to the restaurant food and my Mom's food. 

I added some Kim Chee, which is fermented cabbage. It has probiotics in it for gut health.

I put the Kim Chee on a salad.

I had this sweet potato with the Kim Chee and salad.

I had some of these berries for dessert.

I made up some pico de gallo on Sunday.

So here is the creation of a salad:

I start with some wild greens.

I add some classic romaine.

A pepper and some cucumbers.

I add some mushrooms.

I add my pico de gallo.

Then top it with some of El Charro's salsa.

This morning I had a different variation using berries. I had greens and the classic romaine with the berries on top. I also had a baked sweet potato. I'm adding phase 1 and 2 foods back to my diet as I transition out of the reset.

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