Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Week 5 day 3 reset

    I was back up to 171lbs this morning which is .5lbs from yesterday. I bought some processed foods at Reasor's and played around with them yesterday. I did two exercise sessions yesterday. I ran 4.39 miles yesterday at a average pace of 8:24 min/mi and a climb of 338 feet. I also did the Catoosa fitness class last night.

    I bought several different types of gluten free breads from Reasor's yesterday. They were all produced by Udi's. I bought their original, Millet with Chia seed, and their raisin bread. They all taste good. They may not be really great for you but they are a better choice than something with gluten. The interesting thing was there different ingredients and macro-nutrient content. The labels on the bread that I bought is slightly different than the labels on their web site. Interesting. I know they sold a part of their company a little while back but I'm not clear on the details of the sale.

Here are the breads I bought yesterday.

This is the nutrition label from the one I bought in the store

This is the label from the store. Click labels to zoom in on them.

This is the millet with chia label from the one I bought at Reasor's.

The Millet label from Udi's web site.

My raisin bread label. Notice: It says 0 grams of fat and only 110 calories, no percentage of calories coming from fat.

   Here's the label for raisin bread from their web site, Notice: it reads 3 grams of fat and 140 calories. It has 25 calories coming from fat. That makes this product almost 18% fat. Nothing to freak out about, unless you are trying to control your fat intake. If you click on the labels you can zoom in and see the differences in the ingredients. Small differences, some of the ingredients are listed in different order.

   Here' something else I bought and played with in the kitchen.

Tortilla shell bowl maker.

    My shell didn't come out perfect. I bought the shells with the lowest amount of fat in them. Please read labels to find out what is in the products you are buying. Reasor's had 3 different shells that I looked at and each one was a little different. I'll have to make a trip to Whole Foods or Sprouts and see what they have. I'm guessing they will have more selection with even more diverse ingredients.

Here's what I ate with my tortilla bowl:

I rinsed some canned black beans and mashed them up into a dip. I had salsa with the chips too. It was yummy and I probably ate more of it than I should have.

I also had salad, berries, 2 small apples, a pear, 4 tangerines, a sweet potato, and some legumes yesterday.

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