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The Events at PaleoFX 2014

Paleofx 2014 more thoughts

The categories from PaleoFX:

Health/Wellness (not specified but included physical, mental, and emotional)
Community Building
Cooking Demos
Think Tank
Families and Kids
Women’s Health

Here are some of the titles from the talks:

Why we really get fat and what to do about it.
Cherry tarragon breakfast sausages
The gut and gluten
Carbohydrate cycling for Health, Performance, and Longevity
Building Incredible Willpower
Hacking Stress
Miserably Healthy
Salmon Cakes
Sleep and performance optimization
When sugar is your Mother
The Road Ahead: Obstacles to Popularizing the Ancestral Health Movement
Ketogenic Diets for traumatic brain injury.
Examining the physiological effects of Crossfit
Building not burning Bridges in the Paleo Movement
US healthcare: in Crisis or Chaos?

The list is very long for a full list and description go to:

   I was at PaleoFX from Thurdays to Saturday. I had to get home and missed all of Sunday. I also attended a couple of the movement/exercise classes so I missed out on at least 4 lectures during that time. But this is the list of events and sessions I attended:

Thursday I attended the Opening Night Party, Powered by Pecha Kucha. It was a great party with paleo drinks and Heavy hors d’oeuvres.

Heavy Hors d'oeuvres Menu:
Presented by Caveman Cafeteria
Carmines Spicy Italian Sausage Stuffed Crimini Mushrooms***Chafer roll top-palm plate
Rock Shrimp Ceviche, Coconut-Lime Marinated***palm bowl
Chicken satay with pineapple red fresno coconut flake **chafer-palm plate
Italian style braised lamb shank-Rosemary sprigs-Chafer-plates
House Made Paleo Bacon Candied***toothpicks, serving platter room temp, banana leaves, Orchids
Stuffed Artichoke Heart bruschetta*****platter cold, grilled artichokes, balsamic reduction, Olive oil

This is a list of the sessions I attended on Friday:

Carbohydrate cycling for Health, Performance, and Longevity by John Kiefer

Primal Playout Intensity session with Darryl Edwards

Evolve, Move, play with Rafe Kelley

Hacking Stress (Under Pressure) with Jolly, Ben Greenfield, Nora Gedgaudas,
                                                    Sara Eye, and Evan Brand

Building not Burning Bridges in the Paleo Movement with Robb Wolf,
                                                     Mark Sission, Dr. Deborah Gordon, Diana
                                                     Rodgers, and Jonathan Bailor

Adrenals; Key to Restoring Optimum Health with Dr. Daniel Kalish

Ketogenic Diets for Traumatic Brain Injury: Keeping the Baby with the
                                             Bathwater by Robb Wolf

   Friday night we had supper at the Whole Foods Headquarters with some other PaleoFX quest. It is a huge store, bar, and restaurant. They were having a movie on the second story patio that night. They were showing “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. Weird, Huh? You would think they would be showing “Forks over Knives”.

    Here’s the list of sessions I attended on Saturday:

Ask the Paleo Experts Mastermind with Dr. Terry Wahls, Dr. Kirk Parsley, Chris
                                 Kresser, Dallas Hartwig, and Nora Gedgaudas.

What to do When Paleo Fails with Dr. Michael Ruscio

Primal Playout Intensity session with Darryl Edwards

Evolve, Move, play with Rafe Kelley

The Ketogenic Athlete (How Low Can We Go?) with Ben Greenfield, Dr. Rocky
                                     Patel, Nate Miyaki, John Kiefer, and Joe Johnson

Living a Happy and Intentional Life with Michelle Norris, Darryl Edwards,
                                    Dean Dwyer, Hilary Bromberg, and Dr. Nicole Avena

The Robb and Mark Show with Robb Wolf and Mark Sission

   Saturday Night was the Farm to Table Charity Dinner Benefiting Urban Roots Austin at Brazos Hall on the Roof. 

Paleo Menu Created by Pink Avocado Catering


Roasted Tomato & Brisket Tart
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs

Baby Green Salad
Apples, Roasted Beets, Raspberries, Roasted Fennel, Lemon Herb Dressing

Braised Beef Short Ribs
Wilted Kale, Roasted Mushrooms

Grilled Pork Chop
Apple Butter, Wilted Arugula, Topped with Crispy Bacon

Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Bacon, Drizzle of Balsamic

Fudge Balls
Some with Shaved Coconut
Some with Nuts on Skewers
Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Live music was provided by Abbi Walker. Abbi Walker is a fresh, edgy, country and southern rock artist with the talent and personality as big her home state. Raised in South Texas as a Preacher's kid, Abbi was heavily influenced by gospel music, Southern culture, and Texas grit. An independent artist and songwriter, Abbi is confident, funny, and as sassy as they come. She was really good.

    Stay tuned for the next blog which will be what did I learned at PaleoFX.

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