Tuesday, April 15, 2014

PaleoFX 2014 some photos

PaleoFX 2014 was incredible. 1,500 attendees, over 120 speakers, and 5 stages. I'm not sure how many vendors were there but it was huge. The downstairs area at the Palmer Event Center was packed.

The booths this year were laid out very nicely.

Some shots of Austin from the hotel. The Primal Escape atop the 5 story parking garage.

Thursday night cocktail party to kick off the event.

Will Bennett, Ben Greenfield, and Jonathan Bailor at the party.

Keith and Michelle Norris with their opening speeches.

Dangerously Hardcore John Kiefer speaking on carbohydrates.

Panel on Building Bridges to others in the real food community.

Robb Wolf having a little fun in his presentation.

Friday night on the second floor patio of Whole Foods Headquarter watching the sunset.

Sean Croxton as moderator of the "Ask the Paleo Experts" panel. Nora Gedgaudes, Dr. Terry Wahls, Dallas Hartwig, Chris Kresser, and Dr. Parsley.

Dr. Ruscio speaking on what to do if the Paleo way of eating fails. What are some possible issues you might have that are preventing Paleo from improving your health and helping you lose fat.

On break at PaleoFX. Will Bennett brought his slack line to the event. We had fun trying it out. I did so poorly that no picture of me was taken. Will Bennett wasn't a speaker this year but I look for him to be one in the near future. Will is an apprentice to Mick Dodge. Some of you might have seen the Discovery Channel series, "The Legend of Mick Dodge". You can see Will in some of the episodes.

The Ketogenic Athlete panel; Ben Greenfield, Dr. Rocky Patel, Nate Miyaki, Joe Johnson, and DH Kiefer.

Primal Play class me carrying Ben Greenfield his wife Jessa is beside us.

Ben and I playing plank patty cake during the Primal Play Class in front of the Palmer Event Center on our elbows on the concrete.

Darryl Edwards the Fitness Explorer leader of the Primal Play Class got a head wound during the class. It took 25 stitches to close his wound. But he waited until after he had finished the class to go to the doctor an have it sewed up. Primal people are tough!

Darryl Edwards showing his incredible strength against Will Bennett and another big guy during the primal play class.

Rafe Kelley in the blue shirt was the instructor of the Evolve, move, and play class

One of the best and most popular presentations of the event was the Mark and Robb Show. An open forum to ask these top experts in the Primal/Paleo field any question. Abel James of the Fat Burning Man Show was the moderator.

Saturday night at Brazos on the second floor dining area for the charity dinner. Which featured an incredible paleo menu, catered by Pink Avocado, to benefit a wonderful cause the Urban Roots Austin.

Unfortunately the dinner was the last event for me. I didn't stay for the presentations on Sunday. I had 2 and a half days of great fellowship with people from the Paleo/Primal tribe. I can't wait until next year.

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