Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Supplements from Walmart

      Clients often ask me what supplements they should take for general health, recovery, and performance. So I put together a small list of supplements I would get from Walmart if I needed something quick and inexpensive. These are some of the supplements I take if I run out of my higher quality/higher priced supplements. This is not dietary advice, just supplements I use. If you decide to try them it is at your own discretion. You should discuss any changes to your diet with your health care providers.

Multi-vitamin by Nature’s Way Alive

     I like to take a multi-vitamin that are either made from whole foods sources or made mostly from whole foods. The Nature’s way Alive Multi-vitamin contains 26 fruits and vegetables. I think they are a good choice from the selection of multi-vitamins from Walmart.

    I like to sometimes use a nitric oxide supplement before a work out to enhance performance and get a little boost. Some of the benefits from using a nitric oxide supplement are; increased recovery rate, reduced fatigue levels during higher rep protocols, enhanced endurance performance, increased availability of energy, and increased glucose use. I don’t use nitric oxide all the time, but it does seem to help if I don’t use it too regularly.

     I like to use a protein supplement sometimes after a work out or sometimes as a meal replacement. If I’m using it as a meal replacement I add vegetables, fruit, and a little fat to the drink to round out the meal. I avoid any protein supplement that uses soy as the protein source, always. I like to use whey protein. But hemp, peas, or rice protein is cool too. I don’t like the taste of stevia and I don’t like artificial sweeteners, so I avoid products with those. I would rather just have a protein with plain old sugar in it, but those are hard to find. Yes, I could blend up my own, I know. But, if I have to have a protein powder with an artificial sweetener, I’ll pick the one with sucralose.
     The Recovery Protein from EAS meets all my criteria, so I get it from Walmart if I need to in a pinch.
     So there it is folks, the supplements I use from Walmart if I need something in a hurry. I’ll be working up a blog post soon on exactly what supplements I take or have taken. I’ll tell you which ones I like and which ones I don’t like.

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