Saturday, October 12, 2013

Gut flora part 1

Is Your Gut Preventing Fat Loss?

     Recently one of my clients read an article in the local newspaper about fecal transplants. This spurred an interesting discussion on the subject of gut flora during the exercise class. So what kind of influence does gut flora have over our ability to lose fat or maintain our desired body composition? How does gut flora impact other aspects of our health? I’ve compiled a list of links to articles I think are interesting about gut flora. This is not a complete list, so please share any links in the comment area that you think are important.
     So a quick trip over to Google brought up these topics when I typed gut bacteria into the search box; Obesity, weight loss, autism, heart disease, depression, diabetes, anxiety, aspartame, immune system, and mood. Type gut bacteria, intestinal bacteria, or gut flora and your favorite subject into Google and see what you get, post the answer in the comment section.
     While you are at it, start here. Go to Youtube and type gut bacteria in the search box. Watch this video for a quick 9 minute intro into gut flora.

Another quick 6 minute video about mood and gut flora

 Obesity / weight loss:

Here is the information in video format:


Heart Disease:




  Immune System:

Six quick facts:

     Why is gut bacteria so important? Because if you want to be healthy it’s the first place you need to start. This is going to be a 3 part blogspot series. This is part one. Establish that gut flora is absolutely important to your health. Part two will be the action plan, how to get healthy gut flora back. Part three will be how to feed our flora to keep it healthy.

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