Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Slim is Simple, but its not easy.

It seems like a lot of the Paleo/Primal sites are linking to the Slim is Simple website and interviewing Jonathan Bailor. Melissa McEwen was not impressed and wrote her opinion on Bailor's approach. I started listening to his podcasts yesterday. I like his presentation. I think he does a really good job in laying out why it is important to eat and exercise Primal. But I have to agree with some of McEwen's points. My opinion is this:
Slim is Simple, but its not easy. Why? Because it isn't enough to understand what and why you need to eat a Primal diet. Humans have to much other baggage that goes along with food. I do encourage you to check out Bailor's material, he is great at presenting the science behind the paleo/primal way of eating.

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