Monday, September 2, 2013

Fitness Confidential

I got to do some reading over the Labor Day weekend.

      I really enjoyed "Fitness Confidential". I read a lot of health and fitness books. Vinnie Tortorich's book was different in a very refreshing way. I'm glad that Vinnie Tortorich and Dean Lorey stuck to there guns and self published the book in they way they conceived it. I think this book is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to lose weight and get fit. His message is simple, "No Sugars, No Grains". But we know its not an easy thing for most people to do. The message is also relevant for athletes, especially endurance athletes. We have been told for the last 30 years to eat more healthy grains and the high fructose corn syrup were what we should be eating to be fit and healthy. We have got fat and sick with this diet. Vinnie tells you the truth about diet and exercise.
    Vinnie's story is the best part of the book. It is a moving story of his commitment to his health and to his client's health. His story of his completion of the Furnace 508 race after his battle with cancer is a tear jerking inspiration.
    Go to Vinnie Tortorich's website to order his book:

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